About Us

GOD’S WORK IN SA, was established 05TH October 2017. By a young man with the vision of feeding and clothing the young and old of South Africa who are destitute and have hit on challenging times.

We believe in people.

We invest our time and resources to equip men and woman regardless of age to be leaders that GOD created them to be.

We believe in teamwork.

Ignited with passion for people and a desire to have them become leaders God intended. Ignite South Africa the rainbow nation and people who are passionate about change. Join our team and invest in GOD’s work in SA

Our organization assists people in need based in the East Rand. Whether it is by means of offering to assist the needy or by collecting clothing, foods and whatever is needed by the people being helped at that moment in time.
Operates In : East Rand, Gaugteng South Africa
Company Registration Number: 2017/439481/08